Monday, March 5, 2012

More Randomness

My friend and I got up early on Saturday morning and went walking.  This was our reward.  Beautiful!

Someone in our house has become slightly obsessed with learning the words to Rolling in the Deep aka We Could of Had it All.

The same person who has devoted much time to learning the lyrics above has also learned the ropes at the batting cages.

He is all looking like a pro in that picture.  But, what this picture does not show you is that the day before this picture was taken, was his first time ever in the cages.  And he got hit with a ball square on the hand.  He turned around crying.  I started crying (on the inside).  And on the outside, I moved myself back so that his Daddy could get him out of there and talk to him.  As his Mother, all I really wanted to do was scoop him up and kiss him and tell him it was all going to be okay.  But as I looked around at the other boys who were standing there I decided that was not really the thing to do.  Josh rocked talking to Luke, let him cry a minute, and then got him back in there.  Luke is just plain fearless with things.  That hurt hand did not hold him back at all.  He did great the rest of that night and was ready to again the next day!

Slowly, but surely, our house is become safe.  Again, I am so thankful we have lived thus far.  And again, why did it take adopting a child to make us realize our house lacked things!  And really, there is NOOOO excuse for us not to have a fire extinguisher considering I have caused fires in our kitchen on MULTIPLE occasions!

I've come to terms with the fact that we will not have a winter this year.  I painted my toe nails bright pink and I am now sporting this oh so cute spring purse that my husband bought me for no reason, except that he knew I would like the little flowers on it.  Flowers that are not really visible in this picture because they are so small and cute. 

Hi Hank!  

The reason that me and Luke are playing checkers on a nook is because Joshua and I have failed him and do not own a real game of checkers!  Seriously!  How can this be!!  But sadly, it is true.  

And lastly, I chopped off my hair this past weekend.  This picture does not really show it, but I think I had about 6 or 7 inches cut off. I am also not a fan of taking pictures of myself with a phone and thus the horrid photo.  The next time I need a photo of myself (which may just be never) I will remember to ask someone else to take it!

{so sorry for two "random" posts in a row!  Blogging has fallen by the wayside the last couple of weeks.  I do have some recipes that I want to post and I hope to get that done this week!}