Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Ramblings

The other night, after Luke’s baseball practice, we were eating our dinner of homemade pizza.  Luke sits beside me and I heard a loud crunch.  It thought it odd, but did not think too much of it, but then Josh says, “Luke, stop chewing and spit it all out”.  I looked over and saw a little blood and realized that Luke’s tooth had come out.  My Motherly instincts kicked in and I held my hand under his mouth as his spit out crust, pepperoni, cheese, and a tooth.  He was so happy he did not swallow it.  (ME TOO!) 

And kids should give out some sort of warning before they go and loose teeth because the Tooth Fairy had no cash on her and had to go to Kroger at 8:45 at night to make some random purchase to get some cash back.  And the Tooth Fairy indicated to Mr. Tooth Fairy the amount she thought she should go under the pillow.  Mr. Tooth Fairy apparently thought it was not enough because Luke was showing off some cash the next morning.  That child will be rich in no time at the rate his teeth are falling out. 

The Star Wars crazy is still going strong in our house.  I started to wonder at what age Luke would grow out of it, but then I looked at his Dad, who is a grown up, and I gave up all hope.  The other night the two of them decided that we should open up a store called Stewart’s Star Wars Store.  They were being serious.  This store would only sell Star Wars stuff, of course.  They pointed out that when we had sales the banner would read: STEWART'S STAR WARS STORE SALE.  And it went on and on and on. 

I made these brownies for Luke to have in his lunch box. 

Again, he deemed me the greatest Mother and Cook of all the Earth.  And again I told him thank you and confirmed that he is correct.  I found that my husband boxed up ALL the scraps, rather than just a few as I would have done.

I wonder if he will notice if I slowly throw away some of them. 

Luke started baseball practice this week and we are all super excited about it.  I will again be the Mom/Cheerleader/Photographer.  Last year I made this photo book of Luke’s season and included pictures from each game, along with his stats. 

I bought a copy for my Dad as well.  But, more importantly, I bought one for Josh’s parents since they do not travel the 1600 miles (one way) to see the games. 

Really, I don’t blame them.  They just loved the book.  I will be making another one this year.

Luke insists we do things fancy sometimes.  And I accommodate. 

Funny thing, when we do have steamed glasses with a lime, Luke eats his dinner better and without complaint.  It’s the small things in life I guess.  I love these glasses, they were part of my anniversary present from Joshua.  Kitchen things are the way to my heart. :)

You must make these tacos.  They are the best ever.  AND super easy and quick for the working Mom!  Add some cut up avocado too, yummmmmm.

My husband surprised me with season six of 90210 the other day!!  This means I only have FOUR more to go until my set is complete!  Whoo Hoo!!  I am getting excited because before long, I will be running into a few episodes that I’ve never seen.  There was a point in college where I was missing out on some of the shows.  Quite honestly, the reason I decided that I MUST own all ten seasons was that I was watching TV one day and stumbled across an episode so I watched and learned that Kelly was pregnant with Brandon’s baby!  What the heck?  I NEVER knew that.  So there I was, over ten years later, googling like a mad woman trying to figure out what in the world happened since no baby was every born!  Don’t judge me.

A couple of weeks back Luke decided that he NEEDED the Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot books written by Dave Pilkey, who also wrote all the Captain Underpants books.  

Every day he was asking if I had bought him the books.  Finally, one day I responded that yes, I had bought him some.  So starting the next day, he was checking the mailbox for his books!  No kidding.  And of course, I opted for the free shipping, which was also the slowest.  And over a week later, he opened up the front door and let out a high pitch squeal of delight as there was a brown amazon box on the porch.  He said, “Hey!  This box shows exactly how I feel!”  There was a smiley face with “BIG SMILE” written on it.  Luke said, “Dave must have just KNOWN I was going to be so excited when these books came so he put that on there for me.”  I agreed.

Happy Friday!!

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