Wednesday, March 7, 2012

College and Career Week – A College Flag

At Luke’s school it is college and career week and they have all kinds of fun things planned at school.

The first fun thing was to make a college flag.  And after much deliberation, he decided to go with the love of his Grandpa and Daddy and do the University of North Carolina.

Josh was proud.

They sat down at the table and started to discuss what they would put on the flag.

Luke drew all of it on his own.  He did the NC there just by looking at a picture of it.  An artist like his Daddy!

I was floored at how good Luke was doing!

I also loved that he decided not to just stick with the powder blue and white, but to add some color! 

I think his flag turned out great!


  1. I love that schools are starting this young encouraging college attendance!!!

  2. Me too! Luke has been so excited about each day. Post coming on what he was for career day!!