Monday, March 26, 2012

A Different Side....

My Luke is shall we say.... not real aggressive most of the time in life.  He is shy around people he does not know real well, but way out going when he does know those he is around.  It just takes him a long time to get used to people.    

However, when he is on the baseball field, things change.  He is aggressive more times than not.

I will set this up for you.

Luke gets a single his first at bat.  There is now a runner on second and first.  The next batter gets a hit, but because of some over thrown balls by the other team, the boys are all sent running. 

The runner in front of Luke gets home, but missed touching the plate.  He is sent back to touch the plate, but Luke had already been sent home from third.  Josh had REALLY been working with Luke this week on running HARD at all times.  He was running as hard as he could.  Determination was in his face and I could see it all clearly through my zoom lens.

The ball was thrown home to the catcher.  The catcher had the ball in his glove.


My Luke did not let that catcher stop him.  He ran over his arm, leg, glove, and knocked him back. 

The catcher dropped the ball.

Luke was safe!

Luke’s Mom was behind the plate screaming and yelling like a fool.

Luke’s Dad was over in the stands yelling like the proud Daddy he is.  Luke’s Grandpa and Grandma Lee were in the stands yelling and clapping.  Luke’s Daddy’s best friend was there yelling and clapping too.  His fans were all proud.

My not-so-aggressive boy is an entirely different boy on that baseball diamond.

Love it.

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