Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gotta Love Him.....

Joshua and I took a vacation back in July ALL BY OURSELVES!  I still need to post about it....I will.  One day.  And about two weeks before we were to leave, he received a jury summons.  He was....shall we say, NOT happy.

No worries, I told him.  Just call and explain you have a vacation planned with your lovely wife and you will just not be able to attend.

He did.  And sure enough, they rescheduled!

So, yesterday was jury duty day.

I once served on a murder jury and let me tell you, that is something I NEVER want to do again.  It was awful.  I know it is our civil duty and all, but yuck.  Josh was again not real happy about the timing of his jury duty because he was going to a Ranger game that night.

Anyway, I got a call from him right after lunch.

Hey!  Did you get picked??

NOPE!  And the moment this started, I KNEW I would not.  It was an older lady going after a car insurance company.

Which one?

State Farm.

We laughed.  We left State Farm when they were oh so not nice to us once.

So, after being dismissed from Jury duty, my man was off to the ballpark.

After an hour or so, I started to get text messages that contained pictures.  

I'm not gonna lie to you.  After these first four pictures came in...Mitch Moreland and Brandon Snyder....I was thinking.  That boy is lucky!  It is nice and sunny outside and he is talking to baseball players and I am stuck in my office working!  His lucky day for sure...early dismissal from jury duty and then this!

After a few more minutes, these pictures came.

I love this one.  I am a David Murphy fan and I loved that the autograph is on a World Series ball from 2010.  Very cool.

And then I did not get anymore texts for a while, so I thought that was it. 

But then, a few hours later....

Holy Cow!  Martin Perex, Alexi Ogando, and Neftali Feliz!

I was thinking how Luke would flip out when he saw all the new autographed balls.

And then, the funniest picture of all...

Do you see how clever my husband is??

Read the shirts....

I love you, Texas Rangers.

And he managed it with the two pretty girls from Fox Sports Southwest Girls!


Too bad our Rangers lost.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Conversation

Before you read the conversation, let me begin by coming clean that I have brainwashed my child into thinking I am 27.  


Ask him how old his Mom is and he will tell you 27.  In fact, he stood so firm to this idea to my Dad and Brother once that my Brother later came to me to talk about Luke's lying problem.

I really see no harm in it.  I could pass for 27, right???

Luke:  Mom, how old are you?  Really.

Me:  34.

Luke:  Wow.  That is just......just, soooooo hard to believe!

Me:  Because I look so young and all?

Luke:  YES!  And how old is Dad?

Me:  34.  But he just turned 34 and I will be 35 soon.  I am really six months older than him.

Luke:  Wow.  That is hard to believe too.

Me:  What is it about Dad that makes him seem older?

Luke:  It’s his beard and mustache. 

Me:  I see.  And what is it about me that makes me seem younger?

Luke:  It is just you!!  You seem so much younger.  AND your hair!  Like when you wear it in a ponytail, but mostly when you wear it in the two braids.  That REALLY makes you look young.

I love that kid!  Tomorrow will be a two braid kind of day for sure and I just might do it for the rest of my life!

Happy Friday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Ramblings

One of the projects we are currently in the middle of is painting the entire inside of our house and we started out in Luke's room.  Several months back he asked to put any and everything Texas Rangers all over his walls.  So, after we painted, the Ranger paraphernalia went up.

Luke's jaw hit the floor when he saw the Nolan Ryan picture.  Luke is a FAN of Nolan.  His Nolan impression is the absolute best.  We still have a few things to get up on the walls, but once it is all done I will post pictures of the Texas Rangers Fan Room.

And speaking of the Rangers, my boys are starting to gear up for the post season.  Tickets have been purchased and the post season talk has started.  These two are READY for a World Series win with their beloved Texas Rangers.  I hope it happens for them. 

 Second grade is proving to the be the coolest grade yet.

Every single day Luke has the best news to report about school.  He is very excited about music class and he reported that soon they will learn to play the flute (I think he is probably referring to the recorder).  I can hardly wait for that!  Seriously, I might be crazy, but just the thought of listening and watching him practice makes me laugh.  

His best buddy is in his class, which is fantastic.  And also in their class is the girl they dislike the most.  Listening to these two talk about her is funny.  She has been "ruining" their lives for years.  Just about the only bad thing Luke has reported about second grade is that this girl sits right in front of him.  As he was telling me this, I could not help but laugh and then I said, "It is going to be so funny when you grow up and marry her."  


It was funny and I continued to laugh.  She is the cutest thing and is always so nice to me.  Luke and his best buddy both say it is all an act and she just wants the grown ups to think she is nice.

 This ice cream caused a fight between my Joshua and me.

I sent him to the store for ice cream and he came back with this and I was not happy.  I wanted some sort of adult blackberry or something....and he comes back with this kid flavor, picked out by a seven year old kid.  ugh.  Then I had some and fell in love.  Now I am even more mad at him because I cannot stop eating it.  He and that ice cream are ruining MY life.....

I think this is one of my all time favorite pictures.  EVER.  

My Luke has always been into books.  The boy reads and reads and reads.  Last Friday, he started to read the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book for the second time.  We watched the first two Diary of a Wimpy Kids movies over the weekend and then last Monday, we went to the theater and watched the third movie.  It was hilarious.

He finished the first Wimpy Kid book in two days and so we bought the second one last Monday after the movie.  He will finish it up today and so after school we will be off to buy the third.  He was sure to let me know he could have finished the second one much faster if his teacher did not require him to read other books.  He is on a mission to read all seven books as soon as he can. 

And if two grown men ever offer to fix you dinner, you let them.  If it is the first Dallas Cowboy game of the season, you will get football food, but that is okay.  The main thing to focus on is the fact that you are laying on the couch and they are in the kitchen and outside at the grill. 

That white cheese dip was the best.  Thanks to Josh and his BFF for making dinner the other night. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moving on Up!

I am a little behind in posting some stuff.  So, before I could post that Luke had moved up from a white belt to a yellow belt, he moved up again to an orange belt!!

So, first up, a couple of pictures from his white to yellow belt graduation.

Receiving his yellow belt from his teacher, Mr. Mike.

So proud of his certificate!

And then in only one month, he was able to graduate again from yellow to orange!

 He is soooo excited about this orange belt!!

He is now out of the beginner class and he will also be able to spar with other students AND Mr. Mike!

We are so proud of you Luke!!

KI -YA!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Boys

I took this picture earlier today.

I just love it.

My boys are so sweet.

So loving.

So well behaved. 

But let's be honest.

This is how they really are most of the time.

So crazy!

Second Grade!!

Guess what.

This year, I did not cry on Luke's first day of school!

I'm making progress. 

Because I cried on the first day of first.

And I REALLY cried on the first day of kinder.

Oh my, he was just a baby!!

But now...

All grown!

Luke was beyond excited to start second grade.

He just loves his teacher and is so happy his best friend is in his class.

I am so proud of our second grader!!