Monday, November 26, 2012

His First Gun

My Dad has taken Luke to shoot guns a few times, but the last time they went Luke was real good at it.  He had finally gotten the hang of it all.  He was so good in fact, he came home and said, "I am so good at shooting, I should pretty much be doing it everyday."

And apparently, my Dad agreed because he decided it was time to buy Luke his first gun.

And so if there is daylight, he wants to be out back shooting at stuff.

I'm not sure if Hank is hiding down there, or what.  But, we did have a talk about being careful not to shoot the dog.  Luke said no problem, but he could not promise he would not shoot a cat.  

Josh smiled. 

I wonder how long all this ammo will last.  My guess is not long.

He has good aim and is pretty consistent.  Look at that concentration!