Thursday, February 17, 2011


My Luke has starting making up songs. A lot. He will belt them out from just about anywhere at any time.

The other night he was in the bathroom and I was across the hall in his bedroom. This is what I heard.

My mom is 99. My mom is 99.

Here is the deal. My son is fully aware, at the age of six that his mother does not like to discuss her age. However, he is like his Daddy and thinks he is funny when he does these types of things to me.

I did not say a word to him. I just turned around and gave him the evil eye. They eye that says, “If you do not stop singing that song right this minute, I will…..I will…….Well, you don’t even want to know what I will do!!”

It scared him. A lot. So he changed his words.

My mom is 100. My mom is 100.

Clearly the threat of bodily harm is not the way to my son’s heart. So, I walked into the bathroom, looked into his big blue eyes and sang a little song of my own.

Someone’s not getting birthday presents. Someone’s not getting birthday presents.

He smiled. He laughed.

I smiled. I laughed. I was not kidding.

And he knew it.

My mom is 26. My mom is 26.

He may be a little stubborn, but he is a smart one.

I think I will keep him.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I recently discovered that Luke was taking pictures with my camera again. Well, I did not so much discover it, rather, I heard him say, “Hey Momma, can you move over? You are in my picture.”

What is so important that his Momma needed to move, you ask?

Yes, PEZ. The most fun candy on the plant – part toy and part candy!

After the photo shoot with the PEZ candy was over, I noticed that Luke was gone and so was my camera. Rather than call him and request he bring it back, I decided to let him take more pictures….for my entertainment, of course.

This one from a few months back is one of my favorites.

Why Luke?

Because I am a boy, Momma!

Okay, moving forward with the current pictures. Here is the next photo that he took.

Completely out of focus, but still cute. However, most importantly, it's the PEZ dispenser! A little obsessed with the PEZ on this particular day.

Then I found this picture.

At first, I was completely confused, until I realized it was actually taken this way.

Just a few things about this picture:

  1. Why is he carrying my purse? Did he rob me of all my loose change? I need to go and give his piggy bank a good shake.
  2. What is the deal with his hand? Is he really holding it out there, or is this a picture taken while in motion? I need to know. I've said it before and I will say it again -- boys. are. odd.
  3. Someone needs to get after that back door as it is DIRTY.
  4. Joshua needs to install a doorbell in the back for Brody to ring when he is done with his business so that we can avoid that back door looking like this again!
  5. And lastly, and perhaps the best, Luke did a fantastic job of capturing the beautiful sunlight that was coming in that day! Good job Luke!
I may have recurring posts of pictures by Luke. I find it interesting the things a six year old boy chooses to photograph.

Now I am off to clean that back door as I am completely bothered by it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow, Part Two – Videos!!

This morning we went out early for more sledding since we knew the snow would be melting today. The hill was much better today because the snow was super packed. Rather than more photos, we took videos! Well….we took a couple of pictures too.

No worries on the last one. Luke was not hurt at all.

The big tube was busted during the flip, so Josh and I did not get to sled as much. Luke’s tube also got a small hole in it, so Joshua would blow it up after a couple of runs down the hill.

More tubes are on the Wal-Mart shopping list.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Starting sometime in December Luke began to pray for snow just about every night. At the very end of his nightly prayer he would say, “And please make it snow. Amen.” From time to time I would remind him that the huge snow we had last year was completely out of the ordinary and it probably would not snow like that again for a long time. But, he continued with his prayers.

Then one day we received a phone call from my in-laws who live in South Carolina. They told us they had a bunch of snow and even sent some pictures. Luke realized he needed to revise his prayer. That night the end of his prayer was, “And please make it snow. In TEXAS. Amen.” And this prayer has been said almost every single night.

Late last night and into today the prayers of this boy were answered!

And while we do not have the huge snow we had last year, we do have a very respectable eight inches or so! It did not take Luke long to plan out his day. He wanted to play in the back yard with Brody, go sledding down this big hill in our neighborhood, and of course, build a snowman.

When we let Brody the Beagle out for his first snow he went crazy. He loved it so much and buried his head deep in the snow and then came up to eat it. Luke started to run outside to play with Brody and I quickly stopped him. I informed him that he was not going to go out and play in pajamas while barefoot. He ran to his room and quickly returned looking like this.

Yep, this child is in pjs, a light jacket, and rain boots. 

What ya diggin' for??

This dog is freezing cold, but would not come in the house!

Hey Brody, Momma wants you to look over there for a picture!

Oh, and when Luke came in and I removed his galoshes I found that he did not put socks on!

We all got bundled up and then headed over to our big hill and it was time for sledding!!

First trip down!


Oh my, my Momma has lost her mind!!

Daddy and Luke!

Here goes Joshua!!

Taking this picture was a fun.  You've got to watch, take the picture, and move fast!!

We did not have lift tickets.

Racing with Mom!

A race with Dad!

You know you are having fun when you forget to grab your tube!

Don't hit Dad!!!

This makes me laugh!

No, I could not put down the camera to help him up!

Oh, at one point, our friend who was with us determined that Luke was not flying down the hill fast enough. She then decided to run and give him a good push. This was absolutely hilarious as Luke squealed the entire time down and she barely managed not to fall down the hill. Yay for Josh for getting a good picture of that!

After we got home I made yummy grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, along with some chips and guacamole. Yummy, yum, yum. Then we all took a little nap.

Next up, it was time for the Stewart Snowman. As luck would have it, we had no carrots at the house and this bothered Luke. He felt that the only suitable object for a nose was a carrot. We looked all through the kitchen and house and came up with the following:  coal eyes, a tomato nose, a scarf, and a cowboy hat. Since Luke is the official stick collector on our block, we had no problems locating arms for our snowman.

Here is the Stewart Snowman of 2011. Not optimal snow for building. Oh well!

And of course, we had to have a snowball fight. Let it be known that just because you are a kid, does not mean that people will have mercy on you. Luke was pummeled and it was hilarious. Do not feel sorry for him though. He did not go easy on us either!

Luke pre-made his snowballs. 

Get him!
HIT!  Ha, ha, ha...oh, sorry....his Momma should not be laughing. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iced In

We’ve been iced in for two days here. The three of us have had a great time together. However, being trapped in the house makes people do crazy things….well, makes the boys do crazy things.

Like this.

I asked Luke what in the world he was doing. He was quick to say that Daddy took the picture. And I believe him.

Luke also locked his Daddy in his room. This was funny to Luke. But, what was really funny was that Joshua stuffed pillows in Luke’s bed and covered them up to make it look as if he was asleep. Meanwhile, being the great Daddy he is, Josh hid in the closet. It was very loud the moment Luke realized his Dad was not in the bed, but was screaming and coming at him from the closet! And I am not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but Luke was wearing different clothes shortly after this stunt.

Luke is also now addicted to The Price is Right. We do not just watch the show, but we play! Luke has won a woman’s watch, a car, a trip to Singapore (which he is real excited about), camping equipment, and much more that I cannot even remember. As soon as it warms up, we will all patiently wait on the porch for his prizes to be delivered in the mail.

Wars have also been going on in this house -- nerf wars and army man wars. Stepping on the nerf bullets does not hurt much, but those green army men have taken over this place and they hurt when you step on them!! Who knows when all of those guys will make it back into the bucket. My guess is that it will not be today.

Luke and I made cupcakes, which is not really crazy except for the part where I caught him licking the beaters and then putting the beaters back in the mix. Boys are weird. However, I must say, the cupcakes are wonderful. It might be the sweet spit from a six year old that put them over the top!

But, I love these two crazy boys and I have loved the extra time with them both.

Just got word that Luke is out of school again tomorrow!  I guess the craziness will continue.....