Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Congrats Brownies!!

Our friends Sean and Kayla recently bought their first house – hooray!!  

And to celebrate I decided to make these fabulous brownies for them…..and dinner.

There are oreos inside of them....oh, yum!

The only problem was that somewhere along the way there was a breakdown in communication.  Kayla was under the impression that I had invited them over for lunch.  So, one Saturday they showed up at our house ready for some lunch…..and brownies.  Probably more for the brownies.

Only problem……we were not home.  And not only were we not home, but I had left my phone at home and Joshua had run into some people we used to go to church with at Target and so he was talking to them and not answering his phone. 

They waited in front of our house for 30 minutes.  They were hungry.  They knew these brownies were going to be there.  Ooops.

And by the time Josh called them back; they had of course left and went out for lunch.  And I of course explained how I had invited them; at least I thought I had, for DINNER!

So, Kayla came back for dinner.  Sean had to miss because he was DJing a daddy/daughter dance.  I sort of felt bad that Sean missed out on a celebratory night that was for him too.
But, him not being there did not hold us back from these brownies!!

You must make them.  They are beyond good.  So good in fact that Kayla refused to take them home for fear she would eat them all.

I did not want them in my house either for fear I would plop on the couch and inhale them while watching TV.  So, I made Josh take them to work.  His co-workers finished them off and hailed me wonderful.

Congrats to Sean and Kayla on their new house!!

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