Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Fun Day

Joshua and I both took off of work last Friday to spend the day with Luke.  We pretty much left it up to him as to what we would do.

So, we started off with lunch at CiCi's.  Josh and I are not really fans of CiCi's, but it was Luke's day.  And Luke loves CiCi's because of this.

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza.  It excites him.

Other than eating pizza, all Luke really wanted to do was go bowling.  We decided we would go where we could not only bowl, but do some other fun things.

When we got there, we were put on the list for a bowling lane and were told it would be about an hour wait.

So, first up....go carts!

Luke was a little sad at first that he was not tall enough to ride alone, but once we were going all was fine!

Next up was black light putt-putt.

It is hard to tell, but Josh is on the left, and Luke is on the right.  That is a Yeti in the middle.  It was so much fun to putt-putt in the dark.

Once we were done putt-putting, our bowling lane was ready and so off we went!

Watching Luke bowl is one of the funniest things ever.

He is...shall we say....animated.

Not sure where he gets that.

We bowled for an hour and had a blast.

Next up, was the arcade!

Luke is all about the tickets.  He will only choose one or two games to play that do not give tickets.  He is ALL about skee-ball.  And he is pretty good at it.

We watched this one kid win 1,000 tickets on one game, and Luke's jaw hit the floor.

He won big on a couple of games!

And in the end, he had a LOT of tickets!

His grand total was......

The only game he decided to play that did not give tickets was air hockey.

And what do you know, he beat his Daddy!

With his tickets, Luke was able to get a Magic Eight Ball, an army man, and a parachute man.  Once we were in the truck, he opened up the eight ball and began to shake it.  His first question, "Will I get my new brother or sister soon?"  I just looked over at Josh who was smiling.  The response from the Magic Eight Ball, "Positively."

I know that eight ball does not know a thing, but that was the sweetest question he could have asked it!

After we left we stopped for some shaved ice.

It was a great day!

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