Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Road with the Rangers

The Stewart’s road with the Rangers this season began way back in January. Joshua goes to Fan Fest every year, but this year was special as he took Luke for the first time. Luke was able to meet Josh Hamilton for the first time.

Hearing my Josh tell about Luke meeting Josh Hamilton made me love Hamilton all the more.

Our first family game to attend was on Mother’s Day. My boys treated me to a fun day of baseball and of meeting the Texas Rangers.

We had such a fun time having all the players come around and stop for pictures.

The highlight of that day for me came when Mike Napoli came by. When he walked by he did not originally stop where we were standing. He got about 10 feet down and Josh yelled out, “Hey Napoli, I have a little catcher down here!” Napoli turned around immediately and walked back to where Josh was standing. “Where is he?”, Mike said. Luke walked up and Napoli shook his hand and talked to him for a second and then posed for our picture. That is when I started liking him. Not for the home runs, the RBIs, the great pic offs, but for coming back to talk to our little catcher.

I’m a Napoli fan.

As the summer of baseball went on, it got HOT. But that did not stop this family of Ranger fans.

When Josh's Dad and Sister came to town, we all went to watch a game.

While Luke was out in South Carolina, Josh and I continued to go to games. It was hot, but we had a great time.

And when Luke returned from South Carolina, we all went to three or four more games. And Josh and Luke even had a weekend of fun going to the final two home games on a Saturday and Sunday.

This family cheered and had fun during the good times.

And during the days of losing we made our own fun.

It has been a fun season of baseball for us. We’ve stayed up late cheering them on and at times we all fell asleep during the late night.

Last night during the last at bat Josh turned the volume down and all was quiet in our house as the three of us sat on the couch watching. When Murphy hit the ball I think we all stopped breathing.

When the ball was caught Luke said, “Is that it? Is it over??” Josh did not say a word. I said, “Yes honey, that is it. It’s over.” Luke said, “You mean the Rangers are not the world champs of baseball?” “Not this year,” I said. Then we all sat quietly on the couch.

Our Rangers might not have won it all, but they are champs in our house. We love our Rangers!

Josh and Luke are counting down the days until it all starts again with Fan Fest.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Weekend

1.     You know the weekend is starting out good when you have a huge sugary bowl of cereal for breakfast on a Saturday morning.  This is Luke's bowl of cereal.  A Saturday morning treat for him.  I remember eating Captain Crunch on Saturday mornings and watching the Muppet Babies when I was a kid.

2.     We hatched baby dinosaurs at our house this weekend.  Here's how they looked on Saturday morning.

And by Sunday afternoon, they were busting out!

3.     Luke has been asking for a couple of weeks if he can start washing the dishes.  I have no clue why I did not say yes right away.  But this weekend was the weekend!  Luke is now the official dishwasher of our house!  Oh happy day.  I just wonder how long it is before this is no longer fun.

4.     Luke wanted to eat dinner on the couch Saturday night so we could watch the Ranger game.  We let him stay up late.  Taco Salad was for dinner.  I looked over at Luke and he said, "I am tearin' it up Momma because this is GOOOOD!"  Too bad that ball game was not good.

5.     The highlight of the weekend for me was that Luke has begun his first game of Monopoly!  I can not tell you how many time he said, "I.  AM.  RICH."  It was hilarious.  Who knows how many days it will take us to finish the game, but I am having a great time and so is Luke.  Josh hates the game and is not too happy that he was drafted to play.

6.    Hank finally started sleeping in his bed.  Yay!

7.   Last, but not least, we let Luke stay up late on Sunday night to watch the Rangers again.  This time, a much better out come!  Go Rangers!! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Little Sister

17 years ago today, Joshua’s sister was born!

I babysat her when she was little.

I cried when I told her good-bye when Josh’s parents moved out of state.

She was the flower girl in our wedding – she did perfect!

She became my little sister.

I let her get between Josh and me when they would visit. (you do not get in the way of a five year old when she wants her Bubba)

I have enjoyed watching her grow up through the years.

We go shopping when we are together.

I love watching her be an Aunt to my boy.

She will graduate from High School this year.

I love her.

Happy Birthday Charity!!

First Walk

Luke and I decided to take Hank out for his first walk. 

Hank was doing pretty good at first, as in just past one house!  Then he decided he would just sit.  So, Luke would run off (riding a stick of course) calling for Hank.  And then Hank would run.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a running puppy while holding leash?  Not as easy as one might think. 

Hank would stop after passing one house and Luke would come back. 

Luke, being a good "big brother", would squat down and love on Hank and encourage him during the walk.

We did not go far, just down the street and back.

Hank was happy when we got home.

Hank liked playing with Luke in the yard better than the walk.

No surprise there.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Treats

Back when I posted this blog entry about Luke making cookies, some friends of ours came up to me and told me how mad they were at me. Seems they read that entry one night and wanted cookies….badly.

Then, I went off and made these cupcakes and it seems they were not happy again.

So, I decided this past Sunday that I would make some Halloween cupcakes and take them to our Bible study and share with not only these particular friends who seem to anger easily when they do not get sweet treats, but our entire group!

That morning, I realized that the I-am-angry-with-no-cookies-late-at-night-guy was actually out of town and would not at our Bible study.

So, I did what any good friend would do; I made the cupcakes anyway.

Then I took a picture of them and texted it to him.

And THEN, I did what only an out of this world friend would do, I totally forgot to leave one at his house for him to have upon his return! Oops.

But, to make up for it, I am now posting even more pictures so that he can see what he missed out on! 

I guess I might just make some cookies and take next week……

Oh, and if you want to make these, here is where you can find them:

cake --

icing --

I've made thiis cake and/or cupcakes a million times in many different ways and they get rave reviews each time!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Inner Crazy

Have you ever noticed that all kids have an inner crazy?

Mine does.

He will be sitting there acting all normal.  And then, without any notice; his inner crazy just comes busting through.

Sometimes, I am able to get pictures of it.

See, he is all normal.  Sort of.  I mean, I know he is wearing a red sweat band and he is not playing tennis or anything.  But, other than that, normal.

And then, without any notice.



Not crazy enough for you?

He is just getting started.

That is a gummy candy eye ball.  Gross.

What?  You are wondering where this child's crazy comes from?

It's the guy in the top right corner.

And I kinda feel sorry for that little dog.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


This past weekend, despite the fact that I have claimed we would never have a miniature dachshund again; we bought one, brought him home, and named him Hank.

You see, right after Josh and I got married, we went and bought us a mini weenie, Mylo, and when Luke was about six months old, he broke his back. It was traumatic for us all to say the least. That dog was our first child.

Joshua and Luke have both wanted another mini and have talked about it for a while. A few weeks ago Josh found a litter not far from us that was going to be ready to go. So, we went and looked at them. And once you look, you are buying.

Because no one can resist that face.  He is really just the cutest little thing.

I may be a little bias, but I think Hank might be the best dog.  Ever.  And really, I thought no do would be better than Mylo.

Hank is the bomb.

And I am not the only one who thinks so.