Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Tree

I started not to post any pictures of us putting up our tree because most of my pictures are horrible!  I do not know what my deal was, but I was off.  But, in the end I decided it did not really care.  The pictures of Josh and Luke are too funny.

In years past Luke has not really cared to be involved in the actual putting up of the tree.  He preferred to show up once the tree was up and put on the decorations.  But, this year, he was ALL about fluffing the branches and putting them on the stand.  He even followed in his Daddy’s footsteps of telling me I was not fluffing properly.

At first he was doing real good with no help from anyone.

But then one near topple into the tree, and Josh was there to keep him grounded.

Luke then asked for a ladder.

He got his Daddy instead.

Nothing is ordinary with these two.

Once the tree was up, it was time for the lights!

I usually help Josh with the lights, but Luke took over this year.  

For a funny story about Christmas lights, read this...things she said

Next up were the ornaments.  

This was the first one up on the tree this year.

How in the world did Luke's hand grow so fast??  

My Mother made Luke that apple.  She made apples for her students every year and she made Luke one for each of the Christmases she was here with him.  We have one and the other is at Daddy's house.

These bubble lights are one of my favorite things on our tree.  Love them!

Excellent picture taken by Joshua!!

And these stars are also a favorite of mine, given to me from one of my Aunts.

Luke has his own tree in his room, so not many homemade things are on this tree.  But this one has managed to stay on the big tree.

And now for one of the worst pictures.......

Oh well!  It is much prettier in person, I promise.  :)

Hope you were good this year........

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