Monday, December 19, 2011

Toast, Egg, and Bacon Muffin Things

I saw these a long time ago in a magazine – 90% sure it was Martha Stewart—but I never made them.  Then a week or two ago, I saw them on a blog….can’t remember what blog it was.  (What can I saw, I am forgetful these days).

Last week I finally got around to making them and I made them twice.  I made them different both times, and I think the second way was best.  However, Luke likes eggs scrambled, so I will scramble for him the next time…..which will be sometime this week because we all loved these!

They are so cute, so easy, and so yummy! 

Spray your muffin pan with Baker's Joy.

Then I started out by making a circle with a slice of bread, then cutting the circle in half, putting down one half in each muffin.

Next up slice a piece of bread in half and then cup them around.
They end up looking like little hearts.  Soooo, this could be a cute little breakfast for your sweetie on Valentine's Day (just a thought!)

Cook up some bacon and try not to cook it too much like I did!  Then lay one slice in each muffin.

I personally do not mind the burnt bacon.  

Then sprinkle in a little cheese.  

Crack in your eggs and then salt and pepper.

I cooked these on 375 for about 20 minutes.

They were a hit at our house!

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