Thursday, December 1, 2011

Important Life Lessons

The other day I was in the kitchen cooking some things and Joshua, my loving husband, decided to come by and grab a kitchen towel, and pop me with it. He thought it was real funny until I grabbed a towel and went running after him.

He ran to our bedroom where he shut and locked the door. While he was running to the bedroom and I was running after him, Luke was running after me yelling, “YOU ARE RUNNING AWAY FROM YOUR WIFE!?!?!?”

I love that kid.

As Luke and I stood outside the locked bedroom door I told Luke to yell to his Daddy that he needed him. Luke did and of course Joshua responded that he knew I was at the door.

So, I convinced my son to lie to his Dad. Not one of my prouder moments as a Mother, but I was okay with it.

“Daddy!!! I neeeeed you!”

“I know your Mom is with you!”

“No she’s not, she is gone. PROMISE! I swear!”

(me whispering) “Luke, we don’t swear.”
I really have no idea why this convicted me, but lying all together did not.

“I don’t swear, but really, she is GONE!!”

Then we heard the door unlock and I moved Luke out of the way and I tore into our bedroom. Josh was in the far corner telling me that if I hit him I would regret it.

No. Really, I am not thinking I will.

So, I jumped up on top of the bed so I could get a real good pop at him.

Luke then jumped up on the bed and starts jumping like a wild monkey.

Then, a lot of yelling ensued by me and my husband. Funny yelling, but yelling.

And then, Luke yells at the top of his lungs:


I about wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

What will 991 do?”

“They come in EMERGENCIES!!”

“UM, it is 911. And it is not a real emergency that your Daddy popped me with a towel and that I am about to pop him back.”

Then I popped Josh.

Glad Joshua and I could facilitate this lesson on calling 911 only during a real emergency and that we should not swear.

We rock as parents.

Happy first day of December to you all and thanks for reading!!

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