Friday, December 9, 2011


Today is my Daddy’s birthday.


The picture above is my all-time favorite picture of my Dad and Luke. The only thing that would make it better is that if I took the picture myself, but I did not. It was taken by the photographer at my cousin’s wedding. When I saw this picture it literally took my breath away. Stunning.

My Dad is, simply put, a wonderful Grandpa.

He lets Luke get away with stuff. It makes me laugh.

When I tell Luke no, he convinces me why the answer should have been yes and will pretty much not let up until I concede. That makes me laugh.

He takes that boy to McDonalds. That makes me appreciate the fact that I do not have to.

He picks up Luke from school once a week. And not because I need him too, but because I WANT him too. And every week as I am leaving from getting Luke from his house this conversation takes place.

         Thank you for picking up Luke today.

         Like. I. Had. A. Choice.

         You did Daddy, and you made the right one.

And we both laugh.

Now, every once in a while Luke will respond to something with, “Like I had a choice.” Thank you, Daddy.

He attends Luke’s functions. He has been to swim programs, singing programs, and who knows how many baseball games.

But, the best thing of all is to watch him give Luke a hug. When I see him bend down to pick up Luke, it melts my heart every single time.

I cannot be more thankful for my Dad. I am so blessed to be his daughter, and my Luke is blessed to have him as Grandpa.

I love you Daddy! 

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