Thursday, December 15, 2011

Something’s Missing

After exactly seven years and five weeks of life on Earth Luke finally lost his first tooth!

“YAY!!! I’m NOT the last kid in my class to lose a tooth!!!!”

Needless to say, it was a big deal. 

Luke had been trying to get that tooth out for a while.  My Dad even tried to help one day a few weeks back.

(I promise Luke is not in pain in the picture above.  That face was just in effort to keep his mouth open.  He was willing and ready to let his Grandpa get that tooth out.  But even Grandpa could not get it out that day.)

No, I did not cry when the tooth finally came out, even though I will never see the same smile again -- the one with all those perfect little white teeth. Now I see a perfect smile with a gap in it. Still cute….just in a different way.

I personally never wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, but Luke felt a letter was in order.

I guess he wanted to be sure she knew he had been good. After the Saturday night we had just had, I can understand how he wanted to set the record straight. :-) It’s all good.

At around 2 in the AM I was awoken by a VERRRRY excited Luke who was talking, but in my fog of being woke up I could not really determine what he was saying. I could tell by the money he was shoving in my face that the tooth fairy had come. I think I said something to him. I know I gave him a hug. Then I went back to sleep.

The following morning I asked what the tooth fairy had left and Luke seemed confused that I could not recall the conversation we had about four hours previously. He then explained (apparently for the second time) that he had received a whopping five dollars! 

Exciting stuff!

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