Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday in the Park

We decided that this year our family fun Christmas outing would be a trip to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags since Luke was tall enough to ride more than just the kiddy rides.

My son is an adrenaline junky.  He loves to yell at the top of his lungs while riding a roller coaster.  And the moment it is over he says, "LET'S RIDE THAT AGAAAAAAIN!!!"  

He was disappointed that he is still not tall enough to ride some rides, but he is waiting for the day he grows one more inch and we return.  He cannot wait to get on that Superman ride and be blasted up a million stories high in the air.  His Mom could probably stand to wait a few more months, or years.

He gets his thrill seeking from the man below in the red shirt.

His Mom rides along as to not be made fun of by her boys.

We really had a fun time together.

And all the fun wiped us out.

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