Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Light Sabers GALORE

Santa brought Luke two more light sabers for Christmas – a purple one and a green one.  Add that to the blue and red one he already had...and we are up to four!

My Dad and his fiancée (yes, you read that right!) gave Josh a pink one (yes, you ALSO read that right!).

So, there are lots of light saber fights going on all around me.

Every time I turn around, a fight is going on.

However, I have come to notice that Josh is never using the pink one that is his.

He is always using one of Luke’s.


I mean, my Dad and his fiancée spent good money on that awesome Christmas present….like $2 and change!  He should use it.

I bet if he used the pink one, aka the fairy stick, he would not get his leg cut off.
Um, or maybe he still would......

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