Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good-Bye First Grade

First grade has been very emotional for me.  There are many reasons why, but mostly because Mother taught first grade.  In almost everything Luke has done, I would think, oh how Mother would have loved to see this, or know that.

It is so hard to believe he is leaving first grade, seems like he was just starting!

Luke has grown so much this year.  He has absolutely loved his teacher and learning everything she has to teach.  I am so thankful that he has again had such a wonderful teacher.

Some Fun things Luke did in First Grade:

  • Reads 107 words a minute
  • All A Honor Roll for the Year
  • Took a walking field trip to the Fire Station
  • All A Citizenship Honor Roll    
  • He has learned fractions
  • Music Award 
  • Field trip to the Zoo
  • Learned about money
  • Learned to tell time
  • Learned about the King Cheetah in his research project and created a fact poster
  • He now has "the bestest friend any other friend could ever have as a best friend" as Luke likes to call him.
  • In his writing journal he wrote Episode Seven of Star Wars (spoiler alert:  Luke Skywalker goes to the dark side!)
  •  Learned about the Presidents
·          I am so very proud of our Luke and I am looking forward to all that Second Grade brings us!


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