Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ten Day Whirlwind

A LOT went on in a ten day period for us!

A run down……

Friday, May 11th – Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Daddy’s wedding!  Josh was running late due to traffic, so Luke stood in and pretended to be Josh until he got there.  Then he went to the grandkids’ aisle and hung out with his cousins.  The night was fun, except for the part where Josh got us lost going to the restaurant for dinner.  No further comment…..

Saturday, May 12th – Daddy and Lee got married!  The wedding was simply beautiful.  I totally forgot my camera at home and I could not even remember to take pictures with my phone.  But, thanks to my new Sister, Melanie, we have photos!!

At one point, all the younger cousins had run off doing who knows what, and all of the sudden they run back into the reception and Luke runs over and says, “We are about to play a game!!”  I said, “Oh fun!” and paid no more attention.  A minute or two later, he comes back and says, “We are going to play catch the gardener!!!!  What is catch the gardener??”  Then I realized, the garter toss was coming.  But, more importantly, then I realized that because this was explained to Luke as a “game” he REALLY wanted to win.  Not exactly sure where the competitive nature comes from.....  So, when Daddy got up there to “shoot” the garter in the air, I did what any good Mother would have done, I cheered for him!  And wouldn’t you know, he caught it!   We were all clapping for him as he was so happy to have “won” the game.  However, the next thing I know, I turn around to see this!

I turned to Melanie and I said, “There is something somewhat disturbing about seeing him with his Grandma Lee’s garter on his head!!”  Thank you Luke, we all had a good laugh.

Saturday night Luke and Josh gave me my Mother’s Day gifts and took me out to Salt Grass for dinner.  My Luke painted me a canvas picture for my office!  I was told to close my eyes and I teared up with I opened them to see my sweet boy standing in front of me holding this canvas with a huge smile on his face. 

He also made me a necklace and a beautiful card.  And Joshua bought me a new lens for my camera!  Dinner was fun and the strawberry cheesecake had no chance with the three of us going after it!

Sunday, May  13th – Luke got up and started telling me Happy Mother’s Day right away.  I heard it no less than 100 times that day and I loved hearing each and every time.  We went to church and then headed out to the ballpark for a night of Rangers with 20 family members!

We went to batting practice and Yu Darvish tossed up a ball for Luke.  He was excited!

In this picture there are my nephews, two of my first cousins, the son of one of my other cousins, and Luke.  I think they are all second cousins to each other, but I’m not real sure.  Regardless, they all had a great time.

It was a fun night with Josh, my brother and his family, Melanie, Aunts, Uncles, and friends!

Tuesday, May 15th – I took off work and went with Luke and all the first graders to the zoo!  This trip was a lot of fun, but confirmed my great decision in life to not be a teacher!

Luke fed a giraffe!

Wednesday, May 16th – I left work at noon and took Hank to the vet where he was boarded for a few days.  And then started packing.

Thursday, May 17th – We woke Luke up and had some exciting news for him.  He was about to have his first plane trip!!

We were on our way to South Carolina to surprise Charity for her high school graduation!

Charity had NO idea we were coming.  Needless to say, she was surprised.  More to come on that!

Friday, May 18th – I stood alongside my husband, child, and in-laws as we watched my sweet Sister-in-Law graduate from high school!  I am so thankful we were able to fly out and surprise her and see this huge event in her life.  I am so proud of her!  More also to come on the graduation!

 Later that night we went to a festival that was downtown.

Saturday, May 19th –  Josh's parents had a cookout for all the family to celebrate Charity's graduation.  It was a fun afternoon of baseball, eating, and laughing!

Monday, May 21st -  We had to do the not so fun thing and say goodbye to Josh's parents and sister.  We did a little shopping first, had lunch, and then headed to the airport to return home.

These ten days were crazy, but fun.  I would not change a thing!

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