Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Ramblings

Luke lost tooth number five!  It's exciting stuff.

Well, it's all exciting until you are woken up at 4am to a boy who says, "There is no money, she did not come."  These are dreaded words that will wake you up fast.  And I guess since I was suddenly brought to full attention I was able to have a quick, but most importantly good, response.  "Luke, it is in the middle of the night, she just has not made it to our house yet."  My next good move was to tell him to get in bed with us.  Then I laid there and tried to determine what I was going to do.  All I had was a $20 in my purse.  I hoped that Josh would have some money and I decided I would just deal with it when I got up in a couple of hours.

I got up and grabbed Josh's wallet and went into the bathroom and opened it up to find that he had a $20 and a $10.  No good.  I realized all I could do would be to get into Josh's change in the drawer and give Luke a bunch of quarters.  I went to the drawer and ended up making all sorts of noise trying to get into it and find the coins.  It was then I decided that maybe having him get into bed with us was not exactly a good idea.  While getting more and more annoyed with myself I found that Josh not only had coins stuffed down in this drawer but paper money!  I grabbed it and went back to the bathroom and turned on the light to find fives and ones!!  Hooray!  I went down to Luke's room to retrieve the tooth and put down the money when it dawned on me that with luck I was currently having, when I turned around I felt certain Luke would be standing there in the doorway and then the gig would be up.  I slowly turned around and took a deep breathe when I saw that Luke was in fact not there and when I got back to our room, he was still sound asleep in our bed.

I am still 100% obsessed with tostadas!  I want to eat them all the time.  This one is limed grilled chicken, black beans, yellow and white corn, green chillies, mozzarella cheese, and avocado.  YUMMY!!

Luke's best friend in the entire world spent the weekend with us this past weekend.

These two crack me up and I could just sit and listen to them talk all day long.  They had a great time together.

One the way to taking them to a local pizza place on Saturday night for dinner Josh spotted a turtle on the side of the road.  He asked if anyone wanted to go back and get the turtle and the boys both screamed "YES!!!"  Stupid question!  Josh turned the truck around and went back and pulled over into a driveway and stopped the truck.  Both boys had their seat belts off in record time and were ready to jump out of the truck.  I then informed them they would not be running down the road to get the turtle.  I assured them Josh would bring it over to them and I rolled down the window.

They were both so excited when Josh brought it over.  I would not let them touch it since we were on our way to dinner, but I told them they could look at him more once we got to the pizza place.

Once we got there, they both jumped out of the truck and up onto the tailgate and were just looking at the turtle.  They began talking and discussing if the turtle would be safe in the back of the truck while we were eating.  As in, "do you think someone will come and steal him?"  I almost died laughing.  I convinced them both the turtle would be fine and no one would take him. 

As suspected, the turtle was there after we were done with dinner.

No adult at the scene of the turtle snatching completely thought threw the idea of the turtle.  There is one member of the family who is not on board, at all, with this turtle.

Hank is just not a fan.  All is okay when Hank first goes outside as he is not smart enough to find the turtle right away.  But, once he finds him, he starts this RIDICULOUS barking.  He stands about four feet from the turtle and just barks.  Someone in the house, usually Luke, will say, "Hank found him!"   And then we have to go and literally DRAG the dog back into the house.  Then Hank sits at the back door just going bonkers as he watches out for the turtle.  And if that turtle happens to walk by where he can actually see him, he really looses it!

I loved that Luke had his buddy to play with all weekend, but I found myself missing my alone time with him.  I was so excited on Monday evening when he asked if I would play Sorry with him.  I stopped folding the laundry and grabbed the game!  We had a great time together, up until he beat the pants off of me!

Hope you have a great week and thanks as always for reading!!


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