Monday, May 7, 2012

What Do You Choose?

Things around our house were crazy and stressful last week.  After years of putting it off, we finally had the foundation work done on our house that it needed.

The first couple of days were not that bad, but once the house was jacked up, things sort of went crazy.  We knew that most likely the shingles on our roof would buckle and they did.  We just had our roof replaced three years ago or so, but one side of the house really messed up when the house was fixed.  Joshua called our roofer and that was a pretty easy fix this weekend.

When they were done jacking up the house and left that day, I turned the AC back on and left to go pick up Luke.  Upon our return I sat down on the couch and realized water was spilling out of our ceiling.  I knew it had to be the AC, so I quickly shut it off and called my Dad.  Daddy came over and discovered some of the AC piping had come loose and he was able to get that fixed for us.

That night after we had taken showers, Josh went outside and looked in all the holes to see if any were filling with water, which would indicate a pipe had been busted in the house jacking.  There was no water, so we thought all was fine.

The following morning, the guys working on the house found that water had leaked into one of the inside holes.  It had not even crossed our minds for Josh to check these holes.

A plumber was called out and it was discovered that some of the pipe work we had done a year ago had come loose.

In the midst of all this work, I started to become so overwhelmed.  Joshua reminded me that we should be thankful for the house we have that needs to be fixed and thankful that we have the money to now fix it.  I somehow quickly lost sight of that and my Dad again reminded me of the same.  "Keep your head up.  Fix your eyes at the end of the job when all is fixed and do not focus so much on what you are doing to get there.  Be thankful you have the money to fix it."

As I sat in the house the morning they discovered the pipe leak I started to cry.  I was beyond frustrated with the past couple of days.  But more over, I was frustrated with myself.  Why had I let the events of that week get me down?  Why had I so quickly lost sight of all that I had, and choose to focus on the problems?

I sat there and prayed that God would remove the frustration I had and replace it with a thankful and trusting heart.  And to also keep in the forefront of my mind that HE is control of all at hand. 

The cracked pipe will be fixed tomorrow (it was an outgoing pipe and so we've had no problem with our water all this time), our house is level and sturdy again.  The roof is fixed and the AC never started leaking again.  

God continues to provide, maybe not exactly how I would have wanted, but perhaps his plan had more to do with teaching me a lesson in trust and thankfulness, rather than just fixing our home.

What will you choose today?  Will you choose to focus on your troubles and problems, or will you focus on God who is not surprised by the events of the day and who has a plan for your life? 

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