Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Treats

Back when I posted this blog entry about Luke making cookies, some friends of ours came up to me and told me how mad they were at me. Seems they read that entry one night and wanted cookies….badly.

Then, I went off and made these cupcakes and it seems they were not happy again.

So, I decided this past Sunday that I would make some Halloween cupcakes and take them to our Bible study and share with not only these particular friends who seem to anger easily when they do not get sweet treats, but our entire group!

That morning, I realized that the I-am-angry-with-no-cookies-late-at-night-guy was actually out of town and would not at our Bible study.

So, I did what any good friend would do; I made the cupcakes anyway.

Then I took a picture of them and texted it to him.

And THEN, I did what only an out of this world friend would do, I totally forgot to leave one at his house for him to have upon his return! Oops.

But, to make up for it, I am now posting even more pictures so that he can see what he missed out on! 

I guess I might just make some cookies and take next week……

Oh, and if you want to make these, here is where you can find them:

cake --

icing --

I've made thiis cake and/or cupcakes a million times in many different ways and they get rave reviews each time!

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