Monday, October 10, 2011

Zoo Trip

Last Monday, Joshua and I both took off work and took Luke to the Zoo. It was his Fair Day, but we all decided we would rather go to the zoo instead.

It was a great decision because there was hardly anyone there and the animals were all out for us to see.

Some were very playful with Luke.

And Luke pet others.

Some were up VERY close.

Yes, that is my son that he is looking at! I cannot explain to you how fast my heart was beating as I took this picture. And about two seconds after I took this picture, that gorilla stood up, hit his fists on his chest, and then jumped onto the glass. The good mother that I am, I turned and ran. Luke ran off behind Josh, who was on his side of the window.
Other animals were at a good safe distance.

And some animals decided they would look for some treats.

Sorry, birdy, there is nothing in there to eat!

We had a wonderful time spending the extra time together.

Some of us (them) had a little TOO much fun!

Boys -- can't take them anywhere.  But, you've gotta love them!

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