Monday, October 24, 2011

The Weekend

1.     You know the weekend is starting out good when you have a huge sugary bowl of cereal for breakfast on a Saturday morning.  This is Luke's bowl of cereal.  A Saturday morning treat for him.  I remember eating Captain Crunch on Saturday mornings and watching the Muppet Babies when I was a kid.

2.     We hatched baby dinosaurs at our house this weekend.  Here's how they looked on Saturday morning.

And by Sunday afternoon, they were busting out!

3.     Luke has been asking for a couple of weeks if he can start washing the dishes.  I have no clue why I did not say yes right away.  But this weekend was the weekend!  Luke is now the official dishwasher of our house!  Oh happy day.  I just wonder how long it is before this is no longer fun.

4.     Luke wanted to eat dinner on the couch Saturday night so we could watch the Ranger game.  We let him stay up late.  Taco Salad was for dinner.  I looked over at Luke and he said, "I am tearin' it up Momma because this is GOOOOD!"  Too bad that ball game was not good.

5.     The highlight of the weekend for me was that Luke has begun his first game of Monopoly!  I can not tell you how many time he said, "I.  AM.  RICH."  It was hilarious.  Who knows how many days it will take us to finish the game, but I am having a great time and so is Luke.  Josh hates the game and is not too happy that he was drafted to play.

6.    Hank finally started sleeping in his bed.  Yay!

7.   Last, but not least, we let Luke stay up late on Sunday night to watch the Rangers again.  This time, a much better out come!  Go Rangers!! 

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