Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Rarity

A rare thing happened this weekend. I was without my husband and child for TWO days. They decided to have a boys weekend and went Saturday and Sunday to the Ranger game. I tried to think if this has ever happened to me before in the past almost seven years, I could not think of a time.

So, on Saturday, I shopped and had lunch with The Sister. It was fun.

On Sunday, I made treats for my boys. When Josh saw these cupcakes online, he told me I had to make them for Luke, Mr. I love Chocolate so much, but I really, really love Mint Chocolate stuff. Of course, Josh too likes this stuff, so there was something in it for him. And he knows Mint Chocolate is not my thing, so more for them.

When buying the cookies, I came across these super cute Halloween cups.

So when my boys came home from the baseball game, on cloud nine because the Rangers won, and the Rangers are in the playoffs, and Josh Hamilton waved to them….yes, seriously, to them directly as he was leaving the stadium, they saw these sitting on the counter.

I don't like mint chocolate anything, so while these look pretty, I will never know how they taste.

But, my boys say that they are....


That icing should've had a green tint to it.  But, I had forgotten that I used up all the green food coloring at St. Paddy's day....oh well.

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