Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Road with the Rangers

The Stewart’s road with the Rangers this season began way back in January. Joshua goes to Fan Fest every year, but this year was special as he took Luke for the first time. Luke was able to meet Josh Hamilton for the first time.

Hearing my Josh tell about Luke meeting Josh Hamilton made me love Hamilton all the more.

Our first family game to attend was on Mother’s Day. My boys treated me to a fun day of baseball and of meeting the Texas Rangers.

We had such a fun time having all the players come around and stop for pictures.

The highlight of that day for me came when Mike Napoli came by. When he walked by he did not originally stop where we were standing. He got about 10 feet down and Josh yelled out, “Hey Napoli, I have a little catcher down here!” Napoli turned around immediately and walked back to where Josh was standing. “Where is he?”, Mike said. Luke walked up and Napoli shook his hand and talked to him for a second and then posed for our picture. That is when I started liking him. Not for the home runs, the RBIs, the great pic offs, but for coming back to talk to our little catcher.

I’m a Napoli fan.

As the summer of baseball went on, it got HOT. But that did not stop this family of Ranger fans.

When Josh's Dad and Sister came to town, we all went to watch a game.

While Luke was out in South Carolina, Josh and I continued to go to games. It was hot, but we had a great time.

And when Luke returned from South Carolina, we all went to three or four more games. And Josh and Luke even had a weekend of fun going to the final two home games on a Saturday and Sunday.

This family cheered and had fun during the good times.

And during the days of losing we made our own fun.

It has been a fun season of baseball for us. We’ve stayed up late cheering them on and at times we all fell asleep during the late night.

Last night during the last at bat Josh turned the volume down and all was quiet in our house as the three of us sat on the couch watching. When Murphy hit the ball I think we all stopped breathing.

When the ball was caught Luke said, “Is that it? Is it over??” Josh did not say a word. I said, “Yes honey, that is it. It’s over.” Luke said, “You mean the Rangers are not the world champs of baseball?” “Not this year,” I said. Then we all sat quietly on the couch.

Our Rangers might not have won it all, but they are champs in our house. We love our Rangers!

Josh and Luke are counting down the days until it all starts again with Fan Fest.

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