Friday, September 9, 2011

Made with Love 2

So, just one day before Josh out shinned me in the kitchen, Luke had declared it the greatest day ever. Why? Because not only did I pick him up from school early last Friday, but I let HIM make cookies that afternoon.

Yeah-- take that Josh!

(Sorry. I am a teeny weeny bit competitive at times. Or, maybe all the time.)

Anyway, when I picked Luke up from school I asked him if he would like to make some of the cookies that Josh and I made and sent to him in South Carolina in July. He said that he would love too, but, instead of just mini M&M candies, could we also put in chocolate chips. That right there just proves there are some things you don’t teach a child, they are just innate in them! Um, yes, honey, that is a great and fantastic idea….why did I not think of that??

So, we went to the store and bought us some M&M and chocolate chips.

Luke made these all on his own, I think the only thing I did was put them in the oven.

First up, he measured out the flour. Doing well there kiddo!

Next up we have the butter.

Now here you will see that Luke has a different method of opening up butter. He likes to set it in his lap. Different, but who are we to judge. Who’s to say that a little shirt lint will not be the ingredient to push these cookies over the top?

Get some brown sugar.

Then some regular sugar.

Oops, that is my hand on the left. Seems I did assist a little. I would like to point out that my Grandpa made that container the sugar is in. I love it.

Crack and egg.

Luke is awesome at cracking eggs. You also need one egg yolk. I did the separating part too. Pretty much, I lied when I said Luke did these all by himself. Sorry.

Get some vanilla.

And then do that weird wrist action thing when dumping it into the bowl. I don’t think I could do that move if I wanted too.

Dump in your melted (or in our case, not so melted) butter into the mix.

Another side note, Luke made that bowl for Josh when he was one. My Mom and I helped him.

Mix it all up!

And look cute while you are doing it. And in your mind, remember what an AWESOME Mom you have!

Since we tweaked the recipe a bit, we used half a cup of the M&Ms.

Eat a few because you can.

And then half a cup of the chocolate chips.

How pretty!!

Mix it up with your CLEAN hands.

And here is when I proved that yes indeed, there are dumb questions. I know teachers tell you there aren’t but they lied.

I asked Luke, would you like to make the small cookies like Daddy and I did, or would you like to make giant ones. I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking, why on earth did y’all send me tiny cookies when I could’ve had some the size of a baby’s head???

THE GIANT ONES!!! He screamed.

Yep, that was a super dumb question. But, I rock anyway because he is making cookies.

Measure out the cookie dough. Pull apart and then set on top of each other on the cookie sheet.

Yes, we ate raw cookie dough. We survived and it was good.

Cook those yummy huge cookies.

And then remind yourself that this day is the greatest day ever!

Please make these cookies. They are greatness.

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