Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sharing Cake

Our favorite police officer had to leave Luke’s birthday party early to go to work. He did not get any cake, so I told him I would send some home with his wife. But, I forgot.

He called her later in the night to make sure I sent a piece home for him and boy was he disappointed to find out that I did not. I felt bad.

But, I said I would just bring a piece to church the next day.

On Sunday morning, Luke wanted cake for breakfast. What kind of mother lets her kid eat chocolate cake for breakfast?? This one. It’s what makes your birthday special….doing things out of the ordinary.

We went in to get the cake and Luke says, “Do not give me all of it! Kyle NEEDS a piece!!”

First of all…..Luke, no worries, Mom is not about to give you THAT much cake for breakfast. While I am cool enough to let you eat the cake, I am not cool enough to pour ridiculous amounts of sugar down your throat so early in the morning.

Second…..really?? He NEEDS it? As in, if he does not get this wonderful cake that I made in his stomach he will kill over dead?? Yes, I think that might have been true. Luke is so smart. We cannot have our favorite police officer dead from lack of cake. Then there will be no one to get the bad guys off the street.

And third…. and most important, I was so proud that he remembered to think of someone besides himself, even with his own chocolate birthday cake!

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