Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cooking with Luke

That title kinda has a ring to it. I think there may be a cooking show in the future for this kid!

Luke has been working on writing a cookbook and since I think it may be a while until we get it published, I thought I would share some of the recipes on here. That way, if there are readers with little ones, they can cook with them. Or, if there are some adults out there who want to really broaden their horizons in cooking, they give it a whirl too!

I will admit, that some, just some, of the recipes so far are a little vague. There is some reading between the lines which is required when cooking these recipes. But, what do you expect from a six year old boy?!? However, the one below has pretty good instructions and requires almost no assisting the cook!

Please note that the directions below are the exact words and directions from the Master Cook and NOT his mother.

Monster Toasts

Pour milk in four bowls.

Put food coloring in.

Paint a monster.

Toast it.

Put butter on it.

Put powder sugar on it.

Munch your monster!

Please cook with your kiddos and ENJOY!!

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