Friday, November 5, 2010

The Kong

It may be too early to say this with pure conviction, but I think the Kong has completely changed our lives for the good!

I love Brody, I really do, but some things were going to have to change or we were just not going to live in pure happiness and bliss together.

Brody is a fun and playful dog, but we soon learned that he got bored with HIS toys rather quickly. He first turned to Luke’s toys. No bueno. No bueno at all. You see, this caused major problems with Luke. Luke loves Brody and wants to continue to love him, but he cannot tolerate the dog taking HIS toys and chewing on them. Luke has seen all three Toy Story movies and so he knows without a doubt that his toys have feelings. And he hurts for them when they are being carried around in the mouth of a little beagle. Oh the drama!

So, we would distract Brody and remind him of his toys. This worked, for a while at least.

Then, Brody seemed to be bored again. And now, he turned to my things for entertainment. No bueno. No bueno at all. For some bizarre reason, the things that Brody loved most of mine are things that once belonged to my mother! This needs no explaining, you understand. Brody and I went round and round. Brody, I love you and think you are swell and I want to continue to love you and think that you are swell.

But, the little red bird that once belonged to my mother and used to sit on the birdbath, which also belonged to her, in our entryway is NOT supposed to look like this.

I do not have a picture what it is supposed to look like, but I can assure you, the above is NOT it.

I realize that sweet little Brody has no clue the emotional damage he could possibly be doing to me, but, this could not go on. Luckily for Brody, Luke was aware the bird had some sentimental value to me. So he made a replacement. I must say I like the new bird better. Brody is lucky that my Luke is just the sweetest thing ever.

Anyway, we had been told about the Kong and I looked it up on the computer one night. Not one bad review about it! In fact, many people said how they too had issues with their dogs and this toy changed things for them.

A glimmer of hope sparked inside of me. We might have some relief soon, rather than waiting for this pup to grow out of puppiness!

I ordered a Kong on Amazon and then waited on the front porch for it to arrive. Okay, not really, I had to stay in the house and monitor our Brody to ensure that the bird was the only thing he ever had the chance to totally destroy…and go to work from time to time.

Then, it arrived at our door. I was so happy. Luke was so happy. Josh would have been happy too if he was home at that moment. I was also hopeful that peace and happiness would soon return to the Stewart home!

I ripped that box open, filled the Kong with peanut butter, dog treats, and some kibble. Luke tossed it to Brody and we watched. We watched and watched while laughing hysterically. Brody LOVES this toy and it kept him occupied for an hour straight. No lie!!

While I was elated, I was also concerned that this too would get old. But, to a beagle, I guess food and treats will never grow old and this toy is still entertaining him like crazy. Whoo Hoo!!

Brody has forgotten that there is a room down the hall full of toys that belong to a little boy. He has also forgotten about the flowers that sit upon the coffee table, the wooden chairs in our kitchen, and the wood bar stools. He is now fully focused on getting the treats out of the Kong!

Thank you Kong makers!! Peace and happiness are fully restored!!!

Now, if we could just get Brody to pee outside in the rain. Is there a toy for that?

This is in not a paid advertisement, just a happy customer review.

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