Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Luke's Birthday Party

I believe this was my favorite of all Luke’s birthdays. I love that his birthday was on a Saturday, the same day that he was born, and so it was fun to have his party on his actual birthday. The party was low key and fun! We rounded up our best friends, their kids, and headed off for some bowling. The adults had a lane and the kids had a lane. As if watching the grown-ups bowl was not funny enough, watching the kidos sure was.

We then went to our house and had pizza and salad for lunch.

After lunch, it was time for presents. I just love how at every child’s birthday party, the children all feel compelled to assist the birthday child in opening presents. It makes me laugh. I have often thought about doing it to someone just to see what the response would be. Would everyone smile and think I am cute, or would a knock down, drag out, fight ensue?

This year Luke received some awesome birthday presents!

Grandpa Petty gave him a serious gun with serious ammo. I feel Joshua and I will need to purchase guns to protect ourselves and Brody will need a full armor suit.

Grandpa and Grandma Stewart and Aunt Charity gave Luke a art set that included paper, scissors, glue, color pencils, markers, colors, paint, and paint brush…all in a caring case!

The BF and her family gave Luke the neatest airplane, complete with pilot and cargo. And it is no ordinary plane, it does the neatest things! Currently, the cargo is MIA, but the pilot is spoken for.

The sister from another mother sewed Luke an apron!  She and her family also gave Luke supplies to make the cookbook he is writing, as well as a book and paint set.

Another friend of mine did not attend the party, but sent along a Highlights magazine and bought Luke a year’s subscription and then some other knick knacks, but no paddy whacks.

We had already given Luke the puppy for his birthday, but we had to give him something on his actual birthday, so we gave him Toy Story 3 and silly bands (because the 500 he already has simply are not enough).

After opening presents and playing it was time for cake and singing!

Luke requested a chocolate cake, chocolate icing, with chocolate sprinkles. To top all that chocolatey goodness off, they had chocolate ice cream. Most of which ended up being spilt all over the table. Each boy then came in to tell me the table was messy. No clarification, just that it was messy. I of course took this to mean there were plates, napkins, and cups on the table, not ice cream. Hey boys, clarification is much appreciated!

Everyone stayed over for the entire afternoon and into the night. The kids played, watched tv, argued, hurt each other, and played some more. Five boys all under the age of six….lots going on. We grown-ups sat around talking and laughing….a lot. And refereeing the arguments.

Now, as you can imagine, with all these boys, many funny things happened and were said. Here is my favorite of the night. All the boys were down the hall in our extra bedroom and there was yelling and doors slamming. No one appeared to be hurt (yet), but I asked Josh to go down there and tell them to stop slamming the doors. (I personally did not get up to do this myself as I was holding the BF’s sweet baby girl and trying to decide how to steal her.) Joshua went down the hall and said, “yall need to stop yelling, stop slamming doors, and need to put ALL your clothes back on!”

Please tell me, why do boys feel they need to take off their clothes? As not to incriminate the innocent….it was the youngest son of the BF who felt he had too many clothing items on. However, I do believe that I have seen each of these boys take their clothes off at some point when it was not appropriate.

Why? Why do they do this?

Boys are strange. They smell weird. They are loud.

But, I love them. I love my Luke and I love each of those boys at his party.

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