Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eight Days

I was wondering how long it would take. And it took eight days. It took eight days for Luke to get into trouble at school. I first want to say that Joshua and I were both very proud of him for telling us up front that he got in trouble and did not just wait for us to find the note in his backpack. That being said, here is how it went.

Because I ended up working a little late, my Dad picked Luke up today and so he was able to witness Luke telling me about getting in trouble. Trouble for talking. Yes, my Dad could not have been happier to watch this. Things have now come full circle for him. His child, who once got a note sent home every day for a week for talking, now has her own little talker getting in trouble. Daddy watched with a smile and later said he would pull Luke aside one day and tell him of his mommy’s troubles as a child. Thanks Daddy.

Onward….Luke said he had his tag pulled at lunch but it was not his fault, a girl got him stuck there. What?? Stuck there?? He again told this story of her getting him stuck talking to her. Well, I am proud that he remembers his Bible stories…..get in trouble, blame the girl! Or, as his daddy said, “you are only five and a girl is getting you into trouble.” Well, again, after he said she MADE him talk, I explained that no one, not even a little girl, can MAKE you talk. You choose to talk. He understood. So, I asked, what happened to him since he pulled his tag. He said he had to do work all day and could not go to recess. Poor thing.

He then reads me a note he has written and hands it over. Well, I must say that I was so proud of him for reading it perfectly and it was written so well. So, I congratulated him on his great reading and penmanship!

And so, what does a mother do when she gets home after her son had just gotten in trouble for the first time at school? She makes him his favorite dish of pancakes and eggs for dinner! A boy has to know his momma still loves him and thinks the world of him. And after all, I know what it is like to just have to talk!

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