Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A is for....

While at the bookstore Luke found some book markers. As he was looking he noticed some had letters on them. Since he could not reach to take one, he asked me to find the L. I located the Ls and handed one to him. “UGH! It looks like diarrhea!!!” He said, not so quietly. And truth be told, it did. It was that yuck greenish yellowish color. He asked for the S and he did not like it either, however, thankfully, he did not have a comment about it. He looked at the book markers with pictures and then decided he did not want one at all. We moved along looking at other books and I had somewhat forgot about the book markers.... and then….

Luke: What does awesome start with?

Me: Sound it out. What do you think?

Luke: O?

Me: Nope. Try again.

Luke: A?

Me: Yes! Good job.

Luke: Okay, can I have a book mark with the letter A because I am AWESOME!

Yes, he is and I love his self confidence! We got the A book mark.

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