Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mystery at the Stewarts

I used to put up decorations at our house more often than I do now. Currently, I am pretty much a fall and Christmas house decorator and I guess that I because those are the two I love the most. This past weekend I put up a few of our fall decorations.

Tuesday night, Joshua discovered that someone had added to my decorations. He assumed that Luke was the culprit and I agreed.
The following morning, I mentioned this to Luke and he said he did not do it. At first, I thought this was a little game of his until he became visibly upset that his mother did not believe him. So I decided that he was telling the truth and I let him know it right away. No need to be upset at Momma!
Hummm……so, who could it be?? The only other people in my house from the time I put up the decorations and the time Joshua discovered the “new” decoration were my best friend and her family. And let me just say, I have long thought that her and her family were a little suspect. He is a preacher. This makes her a preacher’s wife and their boys, preacher’s kids. Need I say more? No, I think not. I married a preacher’s kid, so I know how they are!
I have decided the two year old did not do it. For one, he cannot reach the bar on his own and two, I never saw him climb up on the barstool. Plus, he is just a cutie and I choose to believe that he would never do something such as mess with my fall decorations. We are talking about a little boy who sings to me and looks at me all cute. He would not do it.
I have also decided it was not her older boy….who is six or seven and I am kicking myself because I cannot remember which it is. Ugh, I was there when he was born and attended every birthday party. I just cannot remember how many parties I went to. And this seems like a good time to mention that my best friend missed my son’s first birthday party. I do not care that it was for a good reason, I will never let her live it down. It does not really bother me; I just like to remind her of it. Anyway, I never saw him even by the bar. He was too busy playing with toys and such. So I have ruled him out as well.
I am starting to feel all Nancy Drew like. Years of reading those books are finally paying off for me!
I also do not think it was my best friend. She is not really the type to mess with my things. This is primarily because she too does not like it when others disturb her stuff. She is a neat freak and understands order. I love this about her. She is also seven months pregnant….with a girl….YAY! I would think that a woman who is seven months pregnant in the summer has better things to do other than jack with my stuff. Nope, I am not thinking it was her.
Please insert the sound effect from Law & Order. (dun, dun)
This leaves her husband -- her husband who DOES like to jack with me and my stuff. I would hate to blame someone for something they did not do, but I think he did it. There, I said it. I blame him! We once had a dog, Mylo, and he hated my friend’s husband. He would bark at him relentlessly when he would come to our house. It was so bad that we would lock up our little miniature dachshund when he would come over to avoid all the ferocious barking. I am beginning to think that our Mylo was just trying to protect our home from vandalism. I am also starting to think we need another dog. Yes, her husband would do such a thing and I believe he did.
Well….Note to best friend’s husband, the little red ninja from Ci Ci’s pizza does not belong with the fall ladies!

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