Saturday, August 28, 2010


Since our church does not have a baptistery at the church the baptisms take place elsewhere. Some have been at other churches, some at people’s homes in their pools, and some at water parks! The baptisms for the month of August were at the water park. The church had the entire water park rented out and for two fun hours everyone got to play in the park.

When time for the baptisms, the waves were turned off at the wave pool and people sat all around in the chairs and in the shallow ends of the pool. Luke and I were sitting there in the water and he started to ask questions about the baptisms, which I LOVED. After a few minutes, he turned around and said he wanted to be baptized. I told him that he would not be done today, but that one day when the time was right, he could. This was not the answer he wanted, so he kept asking again every once in a while if he could PLEASE be baptized today.

Meanwhile, the baptisms had started…. And the next thing I know, Luke turns around and says (and not so quietly either), well fine, I will just baptize myself. And then proceeds (while wearing a life jacket I might add) to toss his head back and lean himself back into the water. I quickly caught his little back before he had a chance to get all the way back in the water. I then leaned over and said, this is not how it is done and you will not baptize yourself.

Now, inside, I was laughing hysterically and even smiled once he was not looking. That was just plain funny and was oh so cute.

Let the little children come to me….Matthew 19:14

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