Friday, September 10, 2010

Teachable Moment

This week Luke was able to check out a book at the library and he was SO happy! The book he brought home was Silly Billy. I immediately laughed since this is my Dad’s name and could not wait to read the book.

As Luke snuggled into bed we opened the book and began to read. Billy was a worrier. Well, I know how Billy feels, so am I. He worried about all kinds of silly things and his Grandma told him they were not really silly (although really they were) and so she gave him worry dolls. Instead of lying in bed worrying, he was to tell the dolls what he was worrying about and then was able to sleep.
Cute book.
As we were reading the book I knew that once it was over, I needed to talk to Luke about what we should really do when we worry. Teachable moment at my door. So when finished I asked him what we were to do when we worried. He said just forget about it and go to bed. This is his father in him and I love it. I said that was good, but that we should also pray and give our worries to God.
Then I realized, this teachable moment was not really for Luke, it was a reminder for me. I have gotten so much better about my worrying, but I have let something slip up on me. I have been worrying about it for a while now and I have not even told anyone. But God knows even when no one else does. And He is so gracious to remind us of it when needed.
After Luke said his prayers and I walked out of his room, I prayed and gave my worry to God. I also knew I would have to continually give this worry to God, but that it was okay. The next morning I could not stop thinking about that book. In a library filled with who knows how many thousands of books, my child pick out this one and brought it home. I love that God choose my son to remind me of His.
Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me. John 14:1

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  1. Sweet Amanda, Thank you for this!! I needed this reminder too! You and your family are precious to me, and I thank God for allowing our paths to cross in this life!!Dana H