Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Love

I love that Joshua:

• has known me since I was 15
• does not worry
• is funny
• took me back after I broke his heart
• is a Godly man
• has blue eyes
• knows when to let me be alone
• knows when to tend to me
• looks good with no hair
• is a family guy
• is thoughtful
• does not judge that I love beverly hills 90210
• stayed in Texas with me when his family moved away
• does not mind when I run off with my girlfriends for the day
• buys me seasons of 90210 on dvd
• cleans the bathrooms
• once made a bet with a friend that he would date me before his friend would..…okay, maybe I do not really love that one, but it makes me laugh
• is not bothered by my crush on jimmy falon
• lets me call him Joshua
• once caught me when I was sliding down a mountain
• likes to take road trips
• asked my dad if he could marry me
• likes the name Luke
• keeps our grass green
• gave my mother flowers
• is a good listener
• plays baseball with Luke
• once worked for my aunt and with my Nana
• was my friend long before we dated
• knows my faults and does not remind me of them

I love my husband.

Here we are, a long time ago, on top of a mountain. The same mountain he would later catch me when I was sliding down.

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