Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day around your house?  

We don't.  

And by "we" I mean Joshua and me.  For us, we would rather show the unexpected love in the middle of July (or any other month) when no one is watching or forcing us to do it.  But, that's just us.

However, ever since Luke was old enough to be aware of Valentine's Day we have been sure to give him a little something.  I loved when I was a little girl and I would get Valentine's Day gifts from my Dad, so I think this is why I love doing it with Luke.

This year Joshua gave Luke STAR WARS valentines--Darth Vader box of chocolates, Darth Vader PEZ, and new action figures.  Because NOTHING says "I love you" like Darth Vader.  

Seriously.  STAR WARS = LOVE. 

Well, nothing says "I love you" like STAR WARS AND brownies!  Brownies made with love by your Momma.

Yes, I know the way to my son's heart and I wanted to give my little chocoholic the gift of marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies.  And this recipe from The Novice Chef was awesome!

I fully intended to take pictures along the way in making these, but Luke had pulled up a bar stool into the kitchen and was reading his homework out loud to me.  He does not do this too often, so I was fully engrossed in his Magic Tree House book, while trying to ensure that I was putting the right amount of stuff in these brownies!  Need less to say, I was about halfway done making them before I realized I was not taking pictures.

Right before I put them into the oven to cook, Luke looked at me and said, "I AM going to be able to eat one of those tonight, right??"  I was making these on January 31st and he knew they were a Valentine treat, but yes, I assured him he could have one that night.

These were so easy to make and they are too, too cute!

And when my Luke took a bite of that brownie his big blue eyes widened and he said, "Momma, THIS is the best brownie in the whole wide world!"

(I live for those moments.)

I told him thank you very much and I asked him if he would like to take a brownie to school every day from then until Valentine's Day as my special treat to him.

His response:

YES!  AAAAAAND, I am going to tell all my friends that you MADE these and that you are the best cook in all of the world.  YOU are even better than the Pioneer Woman!!

That right there assured Luke awesome Christmas and Birthday presents for the rest of his life.  He knows how to throw down a complement!!

I confirmed that he did in fact tell all his friends at school that his Mom made the brownies.  

I love that kid.  A LOT.  And not just because he brags on my cooking, but that helps a little.

And I think it was just Luke's way of trying to figure out how to have these brownies in his life always and forever, but he pointed out that I could also make these for Easter in the shape of eggs.  I told him that was a great idea! 

I think I will be looking for a shamrock cookie cutter first.  Luke needs green marbled brownies in his lunchbox next month.

Good-Bye Little Debbie, these brownies are here to stay!

And just because I am a sweet wife, I took a bunch of the scraps and put them in the fridge for Joshua.  Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day to your husband like brownie scraps.

I love my boys!

Happy Love Day,

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