Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

Luke had his Valentine's Day Party at school last Friday.

As soon as we got home he went in the back yard and I found him looking through all the cards and candy.

He was so cute as he would read each one and then he would tell me who it was from.

That card above is a Justin Bieber card.  It was supposed to have a tattoo attached, but it didn't.  Luke was glad!

Then he found a card that had this bug in it that you could stick on windows or mirrors.  It more than made up for the Justin Bieber card.  

Do you see how his left eyelid droops a little?  My Mother's left eyelid was like that.  And I just realized the other day my brother's left eyelid is like that too.  I love looking into those blue eyes and being reminded of my Mother.

He had so many goodies!!

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