Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Mad Scientist

Luke REALLY wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up, but he is concerned that by the time he grows up and goes to college all of the bones will have been dug up.  And because everything I know about dinosaurs I have learned from Luke or The Land Before Time (oh how I love that movie), I really have no clue if this is a valid concern or not.

So, his back up plan is to be a scientist of some sort.  Or, maybe a librarian.

I just keep reminding him that he will grow up to be whatever God has planned for him.  But he really hopes that plan involves digging for dinosaur bones!

To help foster Luke's love for science, Joshua bought him this really cool book that is LOADED with science experiments.  We are pretty much doing at least two or three experiments a week around our house!  They are really neat and Joshua and I have both had a good time doing these with Luke.  There have also been a few that Luke has been able to do all on his own, and it is great to see him working so hard at things all on his own.

Luke and I both really loved this one and so I thought I would share it with you.  In fact, we have done it twice!

First up grab some glass jars and put them on a tray of some sort.  You will soon see why that tray is so important!

Next you fill your  jars about half full of white vinegar.  

Then you add the food coloring.

Add some liquid soap. 

And give it a little stir.  Or be like Luke and stir like crazy.

Then grab the baking soda and the fun is about to start.

Add a heaping spoon full and watch the fun!

Luke went absolutely crazy with the first explosion! (okay, I did too)

Joshua came home from work in the middle of it all and was wondering what all the commotion was coming from the kitchen.

Then he too realized that Luke, The Mad Scientist, was in full effect!!

If you have kids around, give this a try!

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