Thursday, February 2, 2012

Butterfinger Ice Cream: A True Story

I’m not a huge ice cream person.  In fact, not only am I not a huge ice cream person, but I am REALLY not a flavor ice cream person.  I’m about as vanilla as it comes.  Well, at least I used to be.

Several months back I went to the grocery store one night to pick up a couple of things and Joshua asked if I could pick him up a pint of Blue Bell in some flavor that I cannot recall at the moment.  As I was searching through all the pints looking for the one he wanted, I saw that Butterfinger Blue Bell ice cream existed.  I quickly turned the pint around to read the label and discovered that yes my friends; REAL butterfinger candy was inside of this ice cream!

I bought it. 

When I got home I sat on the couch and slowly ate the goodness that I had found.  At that moment I was over vanilla.  Vanilla is boring.  I am still not a huge ice cream person, but when I want it, Butterfinger Blue Bell ice cream is the only thing that will do.

And so my love of Butterfinger ice cream continued.  

Then one day it occurred to me that this goodness might not be one of those flavors that is around all the time.  I looked it up and sure enough, it is seasonal!  I wanted to cry.

I emailed Joshua to inform him of this travesty and he responded that I best find a recipe and figure out how to make it. 

But, I did not look for a recipe.  I guess I thought that if I put it out of my mind, the ice cream would forever be available to me.  I mean, I do not even own an ice cream maker!!  Well, at the time I did not.

However, this past Christmas, my wonderful husband bought me one!!  And not only did he buy me one, but he bought me one that is an attachment to my stand up Kitchen Aid mixer!!  Whoooo Hooooo!  LOVE is........ buying your wife an ice cream maker so she can figure out how to make the Butterfinger ice cream that keeps her alive.

So, with said maker in hand, I set out on a search for a good recipe.  I found one that I tweaked a little.  The amounts below are for my maker, which holds about nine cups or so.  If you have a larger ice cream maker you can certainly double up the goodness!!

And I made this just in time as because the Butterfinger Blue Bell it is now out of rotation!

Friends, if you too are a fan of all things Butterfinger, I suggest you locate an ice cream maker and make this ice cream.  Your life will forever be changed for the good.

Start out by making some whipped cream.  If you've never made whipped cream you must and then you will never EVER buy that junk they sell at the store.  I used 1 cup heaving whipping cream.  Whip it like crazy until peeks start to form.  (If you do not have a stand up mixer it is just as easy to do with a hand mixer).  Once you have peaks add one tablespoon of sugar and whip it up good.

Taste it.  

Love it.  

Vow never to buy cool whip again.

Now, moving right along.....

In a large bowl, whisk 1 quart whole milk and 7 ounces sweet condensed milk. Then whisk in 8 ounces of your whipped cream until combined.  You will have a little whipped cream left over and your husband, child, or you will be happy to just eat it.

Pour this mixture into your ice cream maker and process according to manufacture directions.  I processed mine for about 13 minutes.

How cool is this ice cream maker?!?!  Thank you Joshua for this awesome gift!

Then take three regular size butterfinger candy bars and crush them up (I left some larger chunks because I love them.) and pour into your maker and process for about two more minutes.

Then transfer into a freezer container and freeze overnight.  And let's be real, I tasted some of that yumminess before I put it in the freezer.  And Josh did too.


It is so very, very good.

This was SO easy to make and was fun.  The possibilities here are endless....swap out the butterfinger and put snickers (and drizzle in a little chocolate syrup), cookie dough, or whatever else your heart desires!

I think I might start making a monthly ice cream and post!  I have tons of ideas and could even make ice cream pops!

Stay tuned for more ice cream fun!!

(Next up will be Luke's choice, so you KNOW chocolate will be involved.)

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