Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Ramblings

Happy Friday!!

It has been a long week for me and I am glad the weekend is here!  This smiling face has helped me get through the busy week, but I am glad it is just about over!

We started our foster/adoption classes last week.  We will be doing that for five Saturdays in a row, plus one later in March.

The picture above is all our paperwork we have to do, plus SOME of the documents we have to gather.  Joshua was having a hard time finding his high school diploma.  I think he was on day two or three looking for it and he came up to me and asked, "Do you think they would just accept this as proof?"  He was holding the tassel from his graduation cap.  I told him probably not since he did not have the cap too.  He finally found it.  So far, the only big thing missing his is birth certificate....which only leads us to believe they may have found him on the side of the road.  

In addition to starting our journey to adopt this year, we started a major remodel of our house.  Why would be tackle these huge things at the same time?  I DO NOT KNOW!!  But, we did.

First up Joshua is reorganizing our closet!  Odd place to start, I know, but it REALLY needed it.  He took EVERYTHING out of our closet and it is all over the place.  So, if you randomly stop by our house, things are a bit crazy.  He started putting up this thing last weekend.  And why he thought this was a one weekend project (keeping in mind we were in foster/adoption class ALL day Saturday) I will never know.  I'm hoping it is only a two weekend job. 

I think our cute and lovable dog Hank has come into his rebellious teen years.  Joshua told me that was wrong and really he is a toddler.  Okay, he is in his rebellious toddler years.

Yes, Hank, you heard me right, I said you are rebellious.  But, we still love you.  Just hoping you are through this crazy stage as soon as possible.

I've been meaning to show you what my awesome Sister from another Mother MADE me for Christmas.  How cool is this camera strap cover!  AND it has padding.  I just love it!  Joshua on the other hand feels it steals from his manhood when he uses the camera.  It's like two presents in one!

So my Luke is a crazy good speller like his Daddy.  And I don't just mean these easy peesy words like snap, spot, and step.

I mean like the other day I yelled at Josh to ask how to spell a word (and no I will not tell you what word it was.  I am NOT a good speller).  Luke then came around the corner with a look of disgust on his face and said, "SEEEEERIOUSLY Mom, you do NOT know how to spell ____?  It is blah, blah, blah, blah!"  It was hard for me to decide if i should be proud of him in his super spelling capabilities or to be shamed that I am a moron speller.

And while on the subject of Luke, here is a sneak peek of something he did in our kitchen the other night.....full blog post coming on that!

And I will just end on Luke too.  I cannot tell you how big of a smile I get on my face when I walk through our living room and see this.

My Mother's all time favorite children's books were Magic Treehouse books!  We have a bunch that were hers, but they stop somewhere around the 20th book or so.  He will bring these books home for homework and get lost in them!  Sometimes I am lucky enough that he will pull up a bar stool in the kitchen and read out loud to me while I cook dinner.  Truth be told, I love those books too.  I think of my Mother when he reads them and I can just see her face smiling down on him.

Hope y'all have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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