Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traditions and Memories

Do you have Halloween traditions?

Ever since Luke’s first Halloween, we have gone to my parents’ house and taken him around their neighborhood.

And ever since he was old enough, he has been helping my Dad with the carving of the pumpkin.

With each passing year, Luke has been more and more excited about taking out the pumpkin guts.

This year, I realized one day he will be old enough to get the knife and carve himself. I will probably sit down and cry.

But, for this year, he was on pumpkin gut removal duty only.

I love Halloween and the pumpkin carving.

But mostly, I love watching Luke have fun with his Grandpa.

Traditions and memories.....two great things!

And this year, my Luke went to the dark side and was Darth Vader. 

No, he was not named after Luke from STAR WARS.  However, I can now say that Luke and I have both seen STAR WARS.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

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