Saturday, July 16, 2011

Made with Love

I came across a recipe for M&M cookies and I got all teary eyed.  I miss my Luke.  He loves M&M cookies. I told Joshua I had to make them for him and mail them. He would love the surprise and I would love making them for him.

The only problem is that it is about a thousand degrees outside and I was concerned that by the time my cookies arrived to Luke, they would have melted into one huge cookie….not that Luke would have minded that one bit.

So, I decided to make lollypop cookies out of them and individually wrap. That way, if they melted some, at least they would not melt all together.

I also asked Joshua if he wanted to help me make them. I honestly do not recall us ever baking anything together, so I thought it would be fun. He said he would love too.

Saturday morning we woke up and started making the cookies together. Seeing Joshua roll up the dough and make cookies for Luke was so sweet. We had a good time in the kitchen together.

Here is what you need.

Mix it all up.

Then your sweet husband starts making cookies.

Put in the sticks.

Ready to cook.

Let 'em cool.

Wrap 'em up!  And tie with a bow.

Hope Luke loves them…and shares them.

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