Thursday, September 8, 2011

He Outshined Me

I know that parenting is not a competition, it’s a doubles game. But, sometimes, one parent tends to outshine the other. And in our house, we recognize this. Points are given when they are earned.

But sometimes, your outshining moments, while nice and spectacular are not unexpected. For instance, Joshua took Luke to meet Josh Hamilton. Luke was able to talk to him, get his photo taken with him, and obtain an autograph. Josh clearly outshined me that day. He was the best parent ever. But, did anyone really expect that I would take Luke to do this? No.

Then there are those times when you outshine your spouse in areas that you are not supposed to. That is what I recently had to deal with. {sigh}

Saturday morning Joshua took care of giving Luke some breakfast. I had no problem with that—thanks. In my mind, he was pouring a rocking good bowl of cereal or something else equally not that magnificent or impressive.

When I walked into the kitchen, Joshua comes over with my camera and shows me this.

I noted a couple of things real fast:

   1.  My husband is so proud of himself that he went and got MY camera and took a picture.

   2.  My husband is so proud of himself that he showed me the picture before Luke could
        even comment on the greatness of his breakfast that morning.

Um, it is okay to outshine me in sports, but in the kitchen? No -- this is my domain. However, it was so cute and nifty, that I had to give him some points for it. I’ve been making that kid Toaster Strudles for I don’t know how long and I have never, not once, even thought about writing some cute message on top. In fact, I am just hoping that I squeeze the icing on top in such a way that it is not too messy for Luke to eat!

Luke did come to tell me how Daddy had written his name on his breakfast! I know sweetie, Daddy showed me a picture. Very cool.

He outshined me…..on my turf.

I may be down, but I’m not out.

So, on Tuesday morning, I made the Toaster Strudle with a new purpose. I too can write cute messages. I decided to write the following: I (heart) you. And I filled in the heart.

I stepped back and took a look. It was not pretty and did not deserve a picture, so I did not take one. I put it up on the bar for Luke and hoped for the best.

His lack of an immediate response made me start to think that perhaps even my super smart and artsy fartsy son might not be able to decipher what was written. {sigh…. again} After a few very long minutes, he said, “I love you too Mom!”

Whew! I was saved…sort of.

“I know it is not as good as Dad’s. And that’s okay.” (but really, it’s not)

“No Momma it’s…..good.”


Now I am down AND out.

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