Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Notes

I put love notes in Luke’s lunchbox.

I write things like I love you a lot…..I hope you have a wonderful day……you are the best son ever. Stuff like that.

Then last week, Luke asked if I could put a pen in his lunchbox so that he could write me a note back.

I love a thoughtful child.

I put a pen in his lunchbox the next day.

I started getting love notes back…….Luke loves me……I am the greatest mom on the planet. Stuff like that.

Mommas love to receive love notes too. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Then yesterday I received a note that said he loved me more than I loved him.

So today’s note went a little something like this.

And then I received a note back from Luke that went little something like this.

I am not exactly sure what he is trying to say, but I gather he loves me more than a lot or a bunch.

I love Luke and I love love notes.

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