Thursday, September 29, 2011


Have you ever won a contest?

When I was a kid, I won a hoola hoop contest at the grocery store. My prize was a gift certificate to the store and I promptly went in and bought stationary and pens. I could not have been happier.

The other day Luke noticed a flyer on the table by our front door. On the flyer was a car key and he wanted to know if he could have it. Sure, I said. He then noticed there was some kind of scratch off game on the flyer and he wanted to know if it was okay for him to do it. I told him he sure could. Then, he informed me he could win $25,000!

As we ate dinner, he scratched off the boxes one by one. He became very excited when he had two of a kind, as he needed three of a kind to win. Then his excited blew up and he began yelling that he won.

He screamed, "I WON $25,000!!!"

In my disbelief, I looked down and sure enough, he had three matching symbols. I told him he might have won something, but it was most likely not $25,000.  This did not lessen his excitement one bit.

Josh took the flyer and began reading the fine print. As he did this, Luke noticed that the flyer said to call IMMEDIATELY to confirm your prize if you won. He then started yelling for me to get the phone and call NOW!!!

I decided I would entertain this entire thing and I called.

Sure enough, it was confirmed Luke (or his Mom to whom the flyer was addressed to) was a winner and we needed to go down to this car dealership to claim our prize!

Josh then informed Luke what he won was the CHANCE to participate in another scratch off to win the $25,000. Luke immediately wanted to know if we could go. Sure thing, I told him. You won this scratch off, and I will take you to do another.

A few days later we headed over to the car dealership. Luke had the flyer in hand as we walked in and he could not have been more excited. I tried to manage his expectations and told him that more than likely he would not win $25,000. He said that was okay, he just wanted to play.

After completing a form, they brought us the scratch off. I wished Luke luck and he went to town.

And......well, , he did not win $25,000.

However, he did win a WalMart gift card! As a consolation prize, everyone received a gift card. The card would have between $5 and $250. Luke was all smiles as he received his gift card.

We walked to the car and once we got in, we called to see how much he had on his card. Luke won $5! Luke let out a scream and was all smiles. $5 or $25,000, he was happy.

I wonder if 20 years from now, he will remember winning his first prize of $5. I hope so.

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