Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Wackiness

I know that it is Tuesday, two whole days away from the weekend, but I am just now getting a chance to sit down and get this posted!

You know the weekend is going to be a good one when you wake up on Saturday, on your own—not by a six year old or an alarm, and it is after 9 a.m.

1. When I woke up, I decided not to wake anyone else up. I would cook me some breakfast and watch the first episode of Pioneer Woman. The little boy and big boy both woke up not too long after me, so we all ate breakfast in the living room and watched PW. Luke was less than happy at first as he was ready for some Saturday cartoons. However, both boys were liking the show and letting me know what they wanted me to cook for them.

2. The major thing on my list to accomplish on Saturday was to rid myself of the plethora of books in my house. I previously mentioned that Josh collects cars. Well, I collect things too….books. Josh has been trying for a couple of years to convince me to get an e-reader, but I have resisted. I think I am finally going to do it and after some research, I think I am going to buy a Nook. Here are the books that left the Stewart household. We took them to Half Price Books to sell. We each made a guess as to how much we would receive.

             • Luke guessed $10

             • Joshua guessed $45

             • I guessed $22

Who do you think won??

3. Luke gave me this key chain. I love it.

4. Joshua did the dishes on Saturday morning. I was super happy. I thanked him.

5. On Sunday I made ice cream….for the first time ever! I hope it's good. I will post more about that later this week (if it is good.  if it is bad, you will never hear about it again)

6.  Luke loves to sing, but he often times gets the lyrics wrong.  He gets this honestly from his Mother.  In fact, I can know the right lyrics, but I will continue to sing the wrong ones.  I have a problem, I know.  Anyway, the current wrong lyrics from Luke that just about made me wet my pants on Sunday are from the Song Am I the Only One by Dierks Bentley.

From Luke:  If I have to raise hill all by myself, hippy ho that ain't right.

At first, I thought, there is no way he just sang hippy ho, but I asked and yes, that is what he was singing loud and proud.  I love him and all his wrong lyrics.  The writer of that song totally should have checked with Luke first.

Our weekend was great and Luke was ready for his second week of school. He did warn us upfront that Thursday was going to be a bad day. (We should all probably try to schedule our bad days and then warn others. It is really a great concept) He said that Thursday was early dismissal from school and he hates that he will miss out on some things. I wonder how long this love for school will last.

Oh, and PS, we went to the Rangers game on Friday night. 

This kid likes to do the wave.

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  1. I have a Nook Color and absolutely LOVE it. Great for magazines too.

    My son sings the Dierks Bentley song also. But he sings it right. Even the part about cold beer.

    He's 6.

    Hopefully, he doesn't really want a cold beer and kick it til the mornin light.