Thursday, January 19, 2012

FanFest -- Who was the Biggest Star??

About two minutes after the last World Series Rangers game against the Cardinals, after Josh and Luke both had a chance to let it sink in that the season was over, Josh said to Luke, “Do you want to go with me to FanFest in January?”  “Yes…” Luke said.  

They were sad, but still true fans who could not wait for the next season.

So, on the Saturday of FanFest my boys were up EARLY and out the door.

The first update of the day that I received was that Josh and Luke had been interviewed for a Japanese television stations.  What???  I texted back to Josh.  Sure enough, photos soon followed.  It seems I now live with international stars.  

I then received word that they were in line to see Ian Kinsler.  So, I texted back and asked Josh to give my love to Ian, and maybe a hug.  Josh did neither and just obtained autographs and pictures.  My boys were happy and having a good time.

Luke was also able to play some games while they were there too.

Josh Hamilton is one of Luke’s favorites and so I was super happy to hear that they were going to be able to see him.  I do not think anything will ever compare to the first time Luke met him, but he really had a good time this year talking to him again.

When they got home Luke was carrying all kinds of goodies and had all kinds of autographs.

The following day they went again and Luke was able to sit on stage with Benji Gil and read two books to kids!  Josh said that after Luke read the first book Benji commented on how well he could read and asked if he had good grades in school.  "All As!" Luke said.  Love it.  

 Later that night I was talking to Luke about all he had done that day and I asked him what his favorite thing to do was.  "Hold my Daddy's hand." was his quick reply.  I looked over at Josh who was beaming.

It does not matter if you are on tv, or that one of the best second basemen ever signs your baseball, or if you have your picture taken with MVPs, or that you read books with ex baseball players, what matters is time with your Daddy. 

To Luke, his Daddy is the real star!

**Thank you to Joshua and his best friend for texting me pictures!!  The one of Josh Hamilton giving Luke the ball is my favorite--thanks Jerel!

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