Friday, January 6, 2012



On Luke’s last day off for winter break Joshua took off work and they went out in search of dinosaurs.  I called to remind Josh to take the camera, and boy I am glad I did!

Most pictures were what I would call normal.  (As in photos I would take.) 

See, Luke in front of the dinosaurs. 


But then, I came across some photos that I might not have taken.

Like this one.

Luke said, “Mom, I was walking by and this dinosaur just grabbed me!”

“Really?”  I asked.  “And Daddy just stood there and took a picture rather than helping you??”

He laughed.  

Let it be known, I would fight off any dinosaur for the safety of my child.

I mean, are the children SUPPOSED to climb up in the mouth of the dinosaur?  I did not ask.  I was just happy my boys were off doing boy things.  Bonding together and all.

But then, the worst pictures came. (if you are squeamish, stop reading now)

Apparently, there were many snakes to see at this place as well.  AND, as if that is not neat enough, it was time for those snakes to EAT!

And my two boys are JUST the people who love to watch this sort of thing.  Not me.  I would have been hanging out with the dinosaurs again and taking my chances with them.  Not Joshua and Luke.  They were front and center and Josh was clicking away on the camera.

Nice photos to look at too....right before dinner.....

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